Air Cooled Heat Exchangers / Oil Coolers

     Air cooled heat exchangers / oil coolers are D Cup Coolers (also known as Bar and Fin Cooler), or Plate and Fin type coolers, typically because cooling fins are attached
     to the heat sink, thereby increasing its surface area to greater cooling effectiveness.Keeping in mind the various industries these air cooled heat exchangers / oil
     coolers find application, Ace presents to you 3 model series of the same.
     Click on the name of the series to see all models of heat exchangers in detail. For specific queries, please get in touch with us by filling up the Contact us form.

    1. Air Cooled Oil Coolers
    a. ‘D’ Cup cooler also known as Bar and fin cooler
    b. Plate and fin type cooler
    c. Oil flow handling upto – 350 LPM
    d. Cooling capacity upto –57000 Kcal/h

    2. Water Cooled Oil Coolers
    a. Shell and Tube type
    b. Oil Flow handling upto : 1000 LPM
    c. Cooling Capacity : 350000 Kcal/hr